That is the question we are often asked by homeowners.  There is not a concrete answer because it really does depend on the furnace and how well it has been maintained.  There is certain criteria when assessing the time to retire the furnace. The average age of a furnace is 18 to 20 years old.  The age isn’t the end all be all. Again, you have to look at the make and model of a furnace and how well you, as the owner, took care of it.

A furnace is just a like car. There are different makes and models and a guide on how to care for it during its lifetime.

Just like a car needs an oil change and air filter change, the furnace needs to be cleaned and the filters need to be changed. Just like an old car, an old furnace may have had several repairs. If it keeps breaking down, you may get a year or two more out of it, but start planning to change it.

You have to assess the cost of the repair against the cost of a new furnace. The repairs may not be worth it.

A rule to consider is – if the cost of a repair is close to or more than 50 percent of a new furnace, than replace it -don’t fix it.  If the furnace is 15 to 20 years or older and the cost to repair is not that significant, you may still want to consider replacing it because it will likely break down again before the winter season is over.
Another way to assess a furnace’s efficiency is to look at your heating bills. If they are increasing, the furnace may not be Running Right and it needs to be replaced. Call us today to ensure your furnace holds up this winter season! (248) 884-1704.

Movie Quote for the Month
When Ron is not Running around working, he is watching movies. It is his favorite way to relax. The first person to guess the name of the movie and the character who uttered the line, wins a complimentary furnace check and clean.

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Name the movie and the actor who uttered the line.
“I couldn’t believe she knew my name, most of my
friends didn’t know my name.”